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Address: Zhengzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, First Avenue and No. 16 by the North all the way  

Company profile
The production departmentZhengzhou Gao electromagnetic induction heating equipment limited company is committed to the induction heating of industrial development, and customers to share the results of induction heat treatment technology. Zhengzhou Gao Equipment Co., Ltd. based on electromagnetic induction heating theory of modern power electronics, to the strict requirements of the production process of "LI PAI" series of ultra-high frequency, high frequency, super audio frequency induction heating equipment, etc. The main circuit IGBT , MOSFET and other new power devices, to integrated, modular, as the basic features, together with the innovation of new output transfer, the device greatly enhance the power, significantly reduce energy consumption, reliability, development to maintenance-free, widely welcomed by domestic users .


Our equipment is mainly used for hardening, forging, welding, annealing different metal work pieces .


Product application areas including automotive parts, motorcycle parts, tractor parts, construction machinery parts, mining machinery parts, textile machinery parts, construction machinery parts, metallurgy, machine tools, bearings, and other companies and university research institutions.


Company under the machinery parts and components industry, product diversity, induction heating equipment requirements for short delivery time, equipment, work should be adaptive, matching, and other characteristics, and constantly improve, adjust and improve the production management system to meet the customer reliability needs.