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rotation hardening induction heater


High Frequency Induction Heater to hardening 

High-frequency quenching machine tool:

Main configuration:

1, CNC system control;

2, Stepper motor drive;

3, Ball screw drive;

4, Cylinder linear guide rail, ball slider sliding;

5, AC variable speed motor drive sprocket chain, the light bar to rotate the workpiece;

6, AC gear motor drive screw, screw the top down;

7, Solenoid valve control water;

8, With a heating device control plug.


Rotation quenching equipment include quenching machine tool and induction heater 

Main features of induction heater:

1, high frequency transistors saving up to 40-60%, saving water 60%, external support facilities to reduce investment by 75%.

2, a unique cooling circulation system, ensure that the equipment 24 hours of continuous work.

3, small size, light weight, easy to move, no million-volt high-voltage danger, safe operation.

4, high reliability, easy to maintain and improve the over voltage, over current, overheating, lack of, water and other self-protection.

5, the use of large scale integrated circuit digital automatic control, with manual, automatic, semi-automatic and fixed time control.

6, the frequency of automatic tracking, stepless power adjustment, easy to use, 10 minutes to learn.


model WH-VI-120
Input power 120KW
Input voltage  three-phrase four-wire380V/50HZ
Oscillation frequency 10-60Khz

control box :650*520*1100mm3

transfer :500*800*580mm3


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