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quenching slide way induction transformer


High frequency electric heating transfer of quenching slide way

Machine Tool Slide Way Hardening Machine advantages:

1, super audio compact, high power; easy to operate, mobile and flexible.

2, high-quenching quality: high-frequency quenching layer is too shallow. Cusp at the easy to crack. IF too easily quenched layer defation. I was the only audio device"s ultra-hardened rail is right, and the quenching level is moderate, fast, moving water quenching quenching way up to 400mm / min, quenching into a double track at the same time.

3, the same for machine tool gear, machine tool accessories and other top quenched.

4, the sensor connection structure with soft, easy to tune the gap, guide wheel positioning to avoid ignition.

5, the technology is mature, professional, experienced, and used by dozens of domestic machine tool factories.

My company based on machine sections from users, configured with different sensors to meet the requirements of the different structural surface hardening.

Machine Tool quenching equipment is also suitable for a variety of gear quenching, quenching sprocket shaft quenching, pin quenching, quenching machine tool guide, bar through hot forging


model WH-VI-160
input power 160kw
input voltage three-phrase four-wire380V /50HZ
oscillation frequency 10-35Khz

host :650*520*1100mm3

transfer :500*800*580mm3