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turning tool brazing weldingWH-VI-36KW High frequency induction heating furnace


Lathe tools with high frequency welding is induction heating furnace professional heating the soldering

HF induction welding machine:

First, the high-frequency welding machine welding tool can be used in alloys For example: alloy turning, milling, planer, saw, reamer, boring and so on. Advantages for welding alloy cutting tools: 

1, induction heating speed, high efficiency 

2, simply put pieces of copper or silver solder between the head and the substrate can be a good place 

3, energy saving and low cost 

4, the oxidation of small size 

5, after the appearance of fine welding 

6, unif heating, hence there is no shortage of spot welding and leakage 

Second, high frequency welding machine for the advantages of brazing metal parts: 

1, induction heating speed, high efficiency 

2, low-cost energy saving 

3, one can weld multiple parts, so that the welding efficiency is          improved 

4, the oxidation of small size, 

5, unif heating, lack of welding and leak-free solder joints 

6, the workpiece after welding appearance of fine, solid 

Third, the high-frequency welding machine for welding marble saw blades, wood saw blade brazing, its advantages are: 

1, efficient, rapid welding gear, each tooth 1-5 seconds; 

2, reproducible and have good reproducibility for each tooth; 

3, can be welded high-perfance, high hardness, serrated blade, the blade is not welding resistance welding 

4, less electricity.


Parameters of WH-VI-50:






three phase 380V±10% 50-60HZ

Oscillation frequency